Image by Vanesa Giaconi

Non-Invasive Allergy Techniques 

A natural, non-invasive allergy relief treatment with long lasting results that does not use any needles, drugs, or long term diets. Allergy Free is a very effective treatment program for the elimination of allergies.  It is based on kinesiological testing, acupuncture principles, energy medicine and nutrition. When people think of allergies, they think about itchy eyes and runny noses.  That is just a small part of allergies.   Allergies can cause concentration and learning problems, joint pain, muscle aches, asthma and respiratory problems, digestive problems, etc., etc., etc.

What is an Allergy?

For our purposes, an allergy is defined in terms of what a substance does to the energy flow in the body. This blocked energy flow is the first step in a chain of events that can develop into an allergic reaction. Here are some of the different kinds of allergies:

dust, pollen, chemical odors, perfume, smoke.
what you eat, drink, drugs, vitamins, enzymes, or other supplements.
anything injected into the body by hypodermic needle as drugs, blood, vaccines, antibiotics or insect bites or stings.
things that touch your skin, hair or mucous membranes; as fabric, chemicals, cosmetics or soap/shampoo.

yeast, molds, mildew or fungus.
heat, cold, wind, light, radiation, electricity, people, or your own body.
most people inherit the allergic tendency from their parents or grand parents.  Allergies can also skip generations and be manifested very differently in parents than in their children.  

Allergies can be debilitating and chip away at your quality of life.  If you think or have suspicions that allergies might be part of your ill health picture,  call to schedule your appointment for allergy testing and get back into the joy of living. 


You will be glad you made the call!