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What is Functional Blood Chemistry Review?

Functional Blood Chemistry Review is the process by which blood test results are organized, reviewed, and interpreted to provide you with a picture of your current level of health so you can take action to restore balance to your body before disease sets in. 























How does Functional Blood Chemistry work?

When we look at the blood markers not just as an indication of disease vs health, but look at how well they fall into ideal ranges, we can detect imbalances that can inform us of actions you can take to optimize your health and reverse imbalances before they contribute to disease. 

"Normal" is not optimal!

Most people who feel "unwell" will come out "normal" on a blood test. The problem is that "normal" reference ranges are too broad to adequately detect health problems before symptoms appear, thus normal ranges are not useful ranges for detecting the early signs of dysfunction. 

Another thing that separates the Functional Blood Chemistry Review from the Traditional approach is we are not simply looking at one individual biomarker at time. We are looking at how well all the parts play together. 

We use software that analyzes the blood test for its hidden meaning and reveals the subtle, patterns of information within the blood that signal the first stages of functional change in your body. This allows for early awareness and time for you to incorporate lifestyle changes that have the potential to restore the body to radiant health

Who needs a Functional Blood Chemistry Review?​

Everyone who wants to feel energetic, symptom free and prolong the quality of their life for years to come! Blood testing is no longer simply a part of disease or injury management. It plays a vital role in comprehensive health promotion, disease prevention and uncovering hidden health trends. 

The Functional Health Report we provide you:

The software generates a comprehensive interpretation of your blood test in a written and graphical format. The report gives you a window into the health-state of your major organs and gland systems. It also gives you insight into imbalances of your nutritional status and the degree of deficiency in individual nutrients. 

All the information of the Assessment and Analysis sections of the report are summarized in the Health Improvement section, which focuses on the top areas you need to work on to optimize your health.




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